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From Fear to Cheer

by milton-bible-fellowship,

The Bible's secret for transforming your FEAR to CHEER. Made with love and a hope that you'll consider this message.

Who is Jesus?

by milton-bible-fellowship,

Did Jesus Christ really exist? If so, who was he? Was he just a good man, or teacher? Did Jesus…

Is Jesus really God?

by milton-bible-fellowship,

In this audio program, Stephen March looks at a number of different aspects of the Christian faith, what they mean,…

Who Can Be Forgiven? Does God Forgive?

by milton-bible-fellowship,

Here’s an important question – does God forgive? Stephen explores the nature of sin and our need for forgiveness through…

What About Sin – Is Everybody Bad?

by milton-bible-fellowship,

What is sin? Is everyone guilty of sin? Aren’t most people good? What does the Bible teach us about sin,…

What Must I Do To Be Saved?

by milton-bible-fellowship,

Stephen shares the story of the Philippian jailer who asked “What must I do to be saved?” It is an…

Websites for Encouragement

by milton-bible-fellowship,

We are all finding ourselves with a bit more time since the lockdown began; so we have started gathering an…